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The charges for DUI are quite strict in Florida. Yes, there is not only a chance that you may lose your license but worse – you may also have to do some jail time for the same. Your best bet is to fight the case with experienced Orlando DUI Lawyers.

Can I fight my own case?
A person facing a DUI charge may have a fighting chance under certain circumstances. If you were not actually operating the vehicle at the moment when you were stopped by the officer then you can argue that you were not driving and hence didn’t break any law. This happens when you are sitting in the back seat or if the driver pulls over and gets out and you are at the back seat at the time.

Another scene is when you can prove to the court that you had the alcoholic beverage right after you operated the vehicle and before you were tested by the officer. This happens when you had gone to a bar and had a few drinks and were then questioned because you were sitting close to the vehicle.
In both of these cases, there is a strong chance that your case would get dismissed. However, there are some rare and tricky scenarios when you actually could have jail time. It is important in either case to consult the Orlando DUI Lawyers to learn how to approach your case. They will evenprovide you with free consultation.

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